X-ray crystallography
VLP binding to saliva-coated microtiter plates
Titration calorimetry
Thin-layer chromatography (TLC)
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
Solid-phase binding assay
Site-specific mutations in fedF introduced by overlap PCR
SDS-PAGE electrophoresis
Recombinant lectin expression in E. coli strain Top10
Recombinant lectin expression in E. coli strain BL21
Radiolabeled fungal cells
Radiolabeled bacteria
Radiolabeled antibodies
Radio labeled bacteria
Overlay of thin-layer chromatography (TLC) plates with S-labeled bacteria
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
Mutagenesis studies
Mucin binding assay
Monoclonal antibody binding to ligands
Monoclonal antibody (MAb) blocking of Gp120-GalCer binding
Molecular docking program HADDOCK
Model with Coot
Microtiter well assay
Microscopic examination of bacteria bound to human cells
Microscale thermophoresis (MST)
Matrix-assisted laser desorption
MAbs specific to histo-blood group antigens
Isothermal titration calorimetry
Ionization time-of-flight (MALDI) MS
Inhibition of infection by anti-GalCer monoclonal anti-bodies
Inhibition of binding of FITC-labeled bacteria to gastric mucosa
Immunolabeling of C. pylori for examination by electron microscopy
Immunofluorescence labeling
Immunofluorescence assay and confocal microscopy
Immobilized virus bound to labeled synthetic glycopolymers
High performance thin layer chromatography (HPthin-layer chromatography (TLC)) binding assay
Hemagglutination assay
Hemagglutination (indo-beta-galactosidase-treated human erythrocyte)
HA inhibition assay
Gp120 binding
Glycolipid analysis
Glycan microarray analysis
Glycan complex
GL isolated and characterized by FAB and EI MS and proton NMR
Fused-gene expression
Fluorescence immunocytochemistry
Flow cytometry
ELISA, removal of N-linked oligosaccharides