Name Source Type Organism Supplier
Brain Biological Bovine Sigma
Brain Biological Bovine -
CFG Glycan Array Semi-synthetic
Cat intestine Biological - -
Chemically synthesized Biological -
Chemically treated erythrocyte Biological Human -
Erythrocyte Biological Bovine NIH
Erythrocytes Biological Human -
Gastric epithelial cells Biological Human -
Glioma brain cells Biological Human -
Glycolipids Biological Sigma Chemical Company
Guinea pig erythrocytes Biological - -
HL-60 promyelocytic leukemia cell Biological Human -
Human granulocytes Biological - -
Human kidney Biological - -
Human meconium Biological - -
Lung cells Biological Human -
Mouse feces Biological - -
Nacalai Tesque(Kyoto/Japan) Biological - -
Neuronal tissue differentiated from P19 embryonal carcinoma cells Biological Murine -
Pharyngeal epithelial cells Biological Human -
Polymorphonuclear leukocyte Biological Human -
Rabbit small intestine Biological - -
Saliva glycoprotein Biological Human -
Salivary mucins Biological Human -
Semi-synthetic Semi-synthetic -
Semisynthetic LacCer with short-chain fatty acid Semi-synthetic - Calbiochem-behring
Unknown Biological Sigma
Unknown Biological HyTest
Unknown Biological Professor Peter Hanflan (University of Bonn)
Unknown Biological Enzo Life Sciences
Unknown Biological Sigma Chemical Co
Unknown Biological - Glycan,unknown
Unknown Biological Supelco