Name Source Type Organism Supplier
CFG Glycan Array Semi-synthetic
Semisynthetic LacCer with short-chain fatty acid Semi-synthetic - Calbiochem-behring
Unknown Biological Enzo Life Sciences
Unknown Biological - Glycan,unknown
Unknown Biological HyTest
Erythrocyte Biological Bovine NIH
Unknown Biological Professor Peter Hanflan (University of Bonn)
Unknown Biological Sigma
Brain Biological Bovine Sigma
Unknown Biological Sigma Chemical Co
Glycolipids Biological Sigma Chemical Company
Unknown Biological Supelco
Brain Biological Bovine -
Neuronal tissue differentiated from P19 embryonal carcinoma cells Biological Murine -
Nacalai Tesque(Kyoto/Japan) Biological - -
Chemically synthesized Biological -
Cat intestine Biological - -
Human meconium Biological - -
Rabbit small intestine Biological - -
Human granulocytes Biological - -
Guinea pig erythrocytes Biological - -
Mouse feces Biological - -
Human kidney Biological - -
Erythrocytes Biological Human -
Gastric epithelial cells Biological Human -
Semi-synthetic Semi-synthetic -
Chemically treated erythrocyte Biological Human -
Saliva glycoprotein Biological Human -
Glioma brain cells Biological Human -
Lung cells Biological Human -
Pharyngeal epithelial cells Biological Human -
Salivary mucins Biological Human -
Polymorphonuclear leukocyte Biological Human -
HL-60 promyelocytic leukemia cell Biological Human -